Haleakala - which means "House of the Sun" is a beautiful place. At the top, (10,000 feet above sea level - where mornings can be quite cold), you'll find an observatory and a park station. The drive up and back is certainly worth taking, and if you're into hiking, the crater is fabulous! (Prior to the first moonwalk - the Astronauts trained in the Haleakala crater.) You can also ride horses in and around the crater, and if you're into hunting, there may be a wild boar in your future! This is a dormant volcano (hum? so was Mount St Helen's) which last erupted about 200 years ago. The most recent lava flow crosses the southwest part of the island and meets the ocean in Makena. For your trip to Haleakala, you'll go from Dolphins Point Maui back towards the main airport and out the Hana Highway. You can go up the Haleakala Highway, or go on into Paia and up Baldwin Avenue, through some of the quaint and rustic "up-country" towns.
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